Since 1985, Karen Pettrone-Keber has been actively shaping the academic lives of children ages 18 months and older. She has played an integrate role by assisting children and their families learn more about individual learning styles, cultivating strengths and weaknesses, as well as creative insights that have led to personal growth and academic success. Over the years, she has custom-tailored individual and small-group learning programs to meet the educational needs of all her student and today offers there services in an online format.

Karen, a learning specialist with a Master's of Science degree in Education, continues to personalize student programs. She has a keen insight into the world of children who find it difficult to learn by traditional methods. She found that many children need a multi-sensory approach that best supports their personal learning style.

As a home-schooling parent, Karen shares her academic know-how with parents who are eager to teach their own children in a non-traditional setting. With over fifteen years of at home experience, her two sons have been allowed to learn and grow at their own pace. This pace includes attending community college at the ages of 11 and 12 respectively. In the process, each son has learned to be successful, self-directed learners who know how to take charge of their own educational experiences.

Much has changed in the world in the last 20 years but what stays the same is Karen's commitment to sharing her life-long love of teaching with the children she is asked to lead. She continues to share her passion for education in order to lay a rock-solid foundation of skills needed to succeed in the real world.


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