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This program promotes:

  • Oral language development
  • Print recognition
  • Phonological-phonemic awareness
  • Finger spelling and basic sign language
  • Letter and sound relationships
  • Word recognition
  • Reading for meaning
  • Creative, confident, life-long learners!

Program Overview
This primary literacy program is a success orientated series of activities that enable most preschool children to develop a solid foundation in reading, which then sets them on the road to becoming successful learners. Like any well-designed reading program, the lessons build on the prior learning. Throughout the program, new skills are introduced in small, sequential increments. This allows for continued reinforcement which is needed for success.

SSA is a ten-month early reading program which begins by introducing you and your preschool aged child to a series of lessons which teach the ABCs through finger-spelling. Once the child is comfortable using their fingers to create letters they will practice phonemic awareness (the ability to hear and identify individual sounds) in spoken or signed words using either finger-spelling or unique color-coded rebus cues. Soon after, basic phonics lessons will be introduced allowing the child and the parent to practice the relationship between the letters and the sounds of spoken language through short stories and enrichment activities. Included in the program will be vocabulary words that have sound clusters that will allow the child to practice rhyming phrases as they become more fluent in their newly acquired reading ability.

Please note that both the on-site and on-line lessons require active parent/adult participation. Each lesson is designed to be practiced with the child in order to achieve mastery. The more you involve your child in the program and its materials, the easier it will be for your child to learn the signs/symbols and to make a seamless transition to the written word and to become an emergent reader.

Tuition Investment:

$80.00 per 4 sessions for parent and child (in small groups)
$100.00 per 4 sessions for parent and child (private lessons)
Tuition is payable in monthly installments.

To ensure your child has a Bright Beginning in the world of reading, click here to contact us. Once your payment has been processed you will receive weekly parent phone consultations, e-mailed worksheets, detailed instructional and enrichment materials.


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