We are pleased to become a part of your educational team and we are here to help you with the journey of educating your young learners in a way that best suits your needs. This service of ABC Learn With Me can offer all families educational advice, help lay a solid foundation for a complete learning program by offering the answers to the questions you seek; helping your children reach their full potential.

We are also available to help families who are interested in home schooling: offering tips on getting started, curriculums and providing teaching ideas and strategies consistent with your educational philosophy.

Our programs are:

  • The HomeBase Parents’ Program - The HomeBase Parents’ Program is a way for you to receive one-on-one guidance on strengthening your child’s academic and/or creative-thinking skills. Assist your child by learning a variety of methods and techniques that help foster critical thinking and problem solving solutions that will enable them to succeed in the world. Choose to couple this monthly program with our other educational packages or use with your child’s current school program, whether public, private, or home-schooled. Enlist a professional player to your child’s teaching team today!

    Why HomeBase? - Together we will share insights into current, fun and educational strategies that you can use in the comfort of your home, thus making it a home-based program. The advantage is having an educational consultant as a part of your home team! As your coach I can give you the added support you need to continue to make the changes you choose. Also as your mentor, I will see you through the small sequential steps that make up the program, assist with any set backs, and of course, celebrate your families’ successes.

    Using HomeBase - Simply choose the plan that best suits your needs. We meet either by e-mail, a phone conversation, in-person, or a combination of those methods. Phone calls and in-person sessions require an appointment that is mutually convenient.

    Monthly Plan A - $200/mo.
    Four 30-minute phone calls or in-person sessions, plus unlimited email correspondence.
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    Monthly Plan B - $175/mo.
    Three 30-minute phone calls or in-person sessions, plus unlimited email correspondence.
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    Monthly Plan C - $150/mo.
    Two 30-minute phone calls or in-person sessions, plus unlimited email assistance.
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    Monthly Plan D - $100/mo.
    Unlimited email correspondence only.
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  • Homework Helper Program - This after school tutorial provides one-on-one academic assistance with assigned classroom homework. Tutoring sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the student and are conducted at the Maxfield Road address with both the parent and child. Sessions are available for children in pre-K through grade 4. Lessons are process-oriented, learner-centered, and require the active participation of each learner. $115/mo. Two 45-minute in-person sessions.
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  • After School Academic Assistance Program - This small group gathering is designed for area students who do not need one-on-one assistance with classroom homework but choose to work cooperatively with others as they successfully complete their given assignments. If students do not have homework to complete, enrichment activities will be provided. Prices vary depending on days of service. Click here to enroll.

  • Question and Answer Program - Don't need an hour of services but you have an issue that you've never dealt with before and you would like an expert opinion? We're here to help you help yourself and your child! The Q & A program will be just what you need to get the advice or resources on a particular educational or motivational issue. Questions are a mere $30.00 each.
    to ask your question. We will contact you via e-mail.
  • Curriculum Development Program – This service provides you with our widely recognized curriculum and resources, used successfully for the students at the Bright Beginnings Educational Center for over 20 years. The cost is $75.00 per curriculum. Available for grades PreK - 6. Great for home schooling families, the curriculums will be delivered to your inbox.
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  • Online Tutoring and Complimentary Education Program – Whether your child is struggling in school or soaring though subjects, we supply individualized attention though the power of the Internet. After an online survey of your child's skills and learning habits, we develop the individualized program which allows students to advance at their own pace according to their ability rather than by age or grade level. The program includes:
  • Presentation of Reading, Math and Writing concepts in a sequential manner.
  • A range of activities, resources, tips/suggestions, and many materials which will promote skill development.
  • Gradual advancement though work. We review topics until the student has mastered them.
  • If your child continually pulls superb grades, we will ensure that s/he gets the most out of school. We will convey sources of enrichment, including extra assignments which compliment your school's curriculum.
  • This program is perfect to keep reading, writing and math skills sharp through the summer.
  • You can bring this completely online program to your child for $400 a month. You will be given access to your very own page on our website where we will keep in touch with you throughout the duration of the program. You'll be able to log-in and download the materials at your convenience. to sign up.

    Our programs are proven to deliver results. We have assisted families since 1985; focused on parental involvement in the educational process. Our Students strive for continued growth and academic excellence. Just a few of the testimonials from past families are shared here:

    "My daughter Melissa found working with Mrs. Pettrone-Keber [Director of A B C Learn With Me] a very rewarding experience.  It gave her insight into many subject areas and has made her and exceptional student. I could go on for hours on how wonderful Melissa has done in school all because of her." - W. Shcneider

    "My daughter and I started working with Karen in 1999 when my daughter was in 1st grade. She had some learning differences and needed extra help to work with them and perform well in public school. Karen showed her and myself how to do this. We stuck with it, and now in fifth grade she is performing at a proficient level in her academics. She knows better how to handle situations in class that may have seemed confusing to her in the past. My experience with Karen and her program has been enlightening, educational for both of us. If you and your child know what to expect and handle it, you are in the best possible position in this ever-changing world. Karen and her programs will do this for you." - M.E. Quinlan

    "I worked with Mrs. Pettrone-Keber in a resource room setting. She is a very devoted teacher. If there was a child that was having trouble in reading, writing or math, she had the ability to make sure they could write or read, add or subtract. She is very creative and gave the children different ways of learning. Many of her students would not need resource room support as they went on in years. I feel very fortunate to work as a teacher aide with Mrs. Pettrone-Keber." - A. Russell

    Are you ready to get started? It's your child's future. Take charge now.

    PLEASE NOTE - an educational consultant acts as a mentor and is not a therapist or school counselor. Our focus is to assist the family with sound ideas for increasing individual, academic, and personal potential.


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