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Nation for the mid to lower face. â the vitalizelift face lift is offered byâ skintasticâ for residents of greater dallas area (dfw), including, plano, richardson, fort worth, arlington, rockwall, addison, carrollton and southlake. Loss of skin elasticity, youthful skintoneâ and smooth texture are allâ unfortunate effects of aging. viagra online cheap viagra online cheap viagra cheap viagra online cheap viagra without prescription classicmotocrossimages.com/mbs-order-cheap-viagra-online-jt/ viagra for sale viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription buy cheap viagra However, the customized skintastic vitalizelift quick face lift was developed for men and women 40 to 65+ who don’t wish to look their true calendar age, and are ready for a lifestyle ‘tune-up’. How would you like to say goodbye to those waggling jowls, and that loose, draping, wrinkled skin under your chin, unkindly referred to as a ‘turkey neck’? Age spots can be erased, and skin of the face and neck resurfaced,â and poresâ retightened. â perhaps you’ve read or heard the claim, ‘try our quick lift – erase years in one day’ and wondered if that was too good to be true. We are happy to tell you the vitalizelift face lift delivers on that claim, and more. Whether you need to stay competitive in the workforce, are wanting to jump back into the dating pool, or are just hoping to achieve a younger, fresher look, skintastic’s vitalizelift quick face lift with additional rejuvenation options can help you feel much more confident about your appearance. The face lift portion of the vitalizelift is sometimes referred to as a ‘weekend face lift’, because of the short recovery time. It uses smaller incisions and is less invasive than a traditional face lift. This revolutionary procedure is performed in our in-office surgical facility, takes as little as two hours to complete (versus one hour), and offers immediate results. Unlike other popular ‘mini-lifts’, the vitalizelift face lift also tightens the connective tissue layer beneath the skin, giving a longer-lasting effect. The beauty of the vitalizelift face lift is thatâ the surgical face lift is only partâ of the picture. Aâ customized plan forâ complete face and neck rejuvenation will also be prescribed at your evaluation; the vitalizelift lift procedure can be combined with other surgical corrections such as a chin implant, brow lift, liposuction, or eyelid surgery. Additionally, skintastic’s non-surgical treatments can compliment the vitalizelift face lift by impro.